About E-Transactions

E-Transactions Co. Ltd. is a leading provider of alternative payment solutions in Sudan, continuously adapting to its customers’ developing needs.

E-Transactions Co. Ltd. was established in 2014, and is an authorized company from the Central Bank of Sudan and Electronic Banking Services Co. Ltd. (EBS) to work in the production, distribution, and re-charging of cash cards (Sahlh) and other cash cards; and to develop applications for electronic payment via Point of Sale (POS), Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS), mobile devices applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and desktop applications. All transactions go through EBS, ensuring that the electronic transactions are safe and secure for the users.

Management and Staff:

  • Mr. Abdelmoniem M. Abdul-Aziz (Chairman)
  • Mr. Tamer Hussein (Technical Manager)
  • Ms. Amna Mohamed Yusuf (Financial Manager)