Abdelmoniem Mohamed Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. (CHEPHARMA)

Chepharma was established in 1984 with a view of marketing and distributingvarious chemical and pharmaceutical products. It’s focus is to:

  • Build relationships with companies manufacturing chemical and pharmaceutical products and distributing them in the Sudanese markets.
  • Act as a marketing and distribution agent for foreign investors and manufacturers. During the past three decades the company is boosting an impressive product list of pharmaceuticals medical equipment, laboratory equipment, fertilizers, chemicals and other prescriptive drugs.

Drugs & Pharmaceutical Agencies:

  • Pharco B Pharmaceutical
  • Egyptian European Pharmaceutical
  • Amirya Pharmaceutical Industries Co. (Alexandria, Egypt)
  • Arab Drug Company (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Kahira Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Ciron Drugs and Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd
  • Unicure Remedies Pvt Ltd
  • Aurochem Laboratories Pvt Ltd
  • Apex Lab (India)
  • Vital Health Care (India)
  • Midas Healthcare (India)
  • Paradox (UK)
  • Pharmacare Europe (UK)
  • Certmedica (Germany)

Laboratory & Medical Equipment Agencies

V.W.R. (England)